Barrel sauna

The barrel sauna is one of our most popular saunas. The barrel sauna is an exclusive and striking appearance and works according to the principle of the ancient Finnish sauna. The relaxing effect and soothing heat causes the body to sweat and this expels the waste products in the body.

The only important difference with the traditional Finnish sauna or infrared sauna is that the barrel sauna is specifically designed for outdoor use. All weather conditions such as rain, frost or snow, but also the sun can defy the sauna without any problems.

Each barrel sauna is expertly handmade and has an elegant appearance. The barrel sauna is available in different types of sustainable wood. The barrel sauna is made of Yukon cedar wood as standard. There is also the option of choosing the wood types red cedar and knotty red cedar.

In addition to the normal barrel sauna, we also supply the Thermowood-line barrel sauna. These saunas are produced in Estonia.

Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna – Thermowood-line