Clear western red cedar

Red cedar (Clear Western Red Cedar) is a real wood from the west coast of Canada. It grows in British Columbia and in particular on Vancouver Island. Red Cedar is a soft wood, lightweight and very durable. Western red cedar quality class # 2 clear & better is virtually knot-free. The wood shrinks and swells little, making it very suitable for saunas and hot tubs. Red cedar has a long life without treatment. The wood has a pleasant aromatic scent due to the cedar oil. The wood is known for its many color variations, ranging from light yellow-brown to deep chocolate brown. Exposed to wind and weather, red cedar quickly weathers to a silver-gray color. The wood can be used unfinished outside, but if you want to prevent discoloration, we recommend a treatment with boiled linseed oil every year. Red Cedar is a very oily wood. Untreated wood can show flaming stains after wet periods. It does not detract from the quality, but gives a different appearance. We therefore advise you to treat the wood with boiled linseed oil, so that the wood remains completely even in color. Like Yukon Cedar, Red Cedar is fungicidal and bactericidal.