Knotty red cedar

Knotty Red cedar is a wood with many knots. The wood is smooth and the knots are firm and often not tangible. It gives a characteristic robust appearance. Knotty Red Cedar is a soft wood, but durable. It shrinks and swells moderately, making it also suitable for saunas. Untreated, Knotty Red Cedar has a shorter lifespan compared to clear western red cedar. The wood is light brown / beige in color. Exposed to wind and weather, Knotty Red cedar weathers to a silver-gray color. The wood can be used unfinished outside. The wood may stain if left untreated. It does not detract from the quality, but gives a different appearance. We therefore advise you to treat the wood annually with boiled linseed oil, so that the wood remains completely even in color. Knotty Red Cedar has a less specific aromatic scent and no antibacterial properties.