Order process, delivery and assembly

To order

You have found a suitable product through our website. The submitted request will be processed by us.
After approval you will receive an order confirmation from us.


When ordering the product, we will inform you whether we have the product in stock or whether we are putting your order into production in Canada. The duration of the boat transport from Canada to the port of Rotterdam is approximately 4 weeks. The goods are then transported to our company in Vorden.

As soon as we have agreed on a delivery date with you, we ask you to do the payment. In case you decide to pay at delivery, it can only be done to our own drivers.

For a custom product we ask for a down payment of 15%. You pay the deposit to our own driver upon delivery or transfer it to us in advance by bank.


Would you like to set up the product yourself? Our products are supplied as a kit. Building a sauna all by yourself is certainly possible, but we are also happy to take this over for you. It is possible that we assemble on site or build the product in our company. It will then be transported assembled.

You can request a quotation for assembly without obligation. It is important to know in advance whether the place is easily accessible. Does a crane have to be present on site when unloading? Is there enough space to mount the sauna on site?

A sauna construction takes about 1 day. Obviously it depends on the type of sauna. A panorama sauna will require more time and precision than, for example, a quattro sauna.

The correct surface is very important. A solid, 100% level foundation is required for the stable positioning of the sauna base. A bad foundation causes annoying problems, such as sagging of the sauna or badly closing doors. We do not accept responsibility or complaints arising from a bad foundation.