Colortherapy is a refined, external therapy that makes use of the healing energy contained in visible, colored light rays. Colortherapy affects the energy system.

It brings back harmony and balance between body, mind and soul. Colortherapy acts on the human organism. 20% of the colors we see come through the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus controls the regulation of the autonomic nervous system.
By viewing colors you can bring about both a physical and a psychological reaction.

The saunas supplied by Wellness & Garden can be equipped with a color therapy module.

Colortherapy effects:


Red activates the heart and circulation. Skin diseases and rheumatism are positively influenced by red light. The brain, lungs and muscles are also positively influenced. In addition, the color red has a calming effect.
Apply to:

Blood diseases, anemia, physical fatigue, cough, cold, inner cold. Calming while maintaining focus. Returns the healthy color.


Yellow helps with stomach and intestinal complaints. Yellow ensures proper functioning of the glands and activates the skin mucus. In addition to having a positive effect on mood, the color yellow provides a warm and comfortable feeling.
Apply to:

Stomach complaints, indigestion, liver ailments, diabetes, skin diseases and nervous exhaustion.


Blue has a cooling and refreshing effect. It has a positive effect on insomnia, anxiety and anxiety. It ensures good blood flow.
Apply to:

Sore throat, general throat complaints, toothache, infections, dysentery, diarrhea, intestinal gas, eye infections, troubled skin / acne, insomnia, shock, palpitations, inner warmth, hot flushes and stimulation of the liver. Calming without maintaining focus.


Green has a calming effect, provides self-confidence and gives strength. The color green helps with nervous disorders, headaches, gout and coughing.
Apply to:

Stomach ulcers, heart complaints, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, tumor, cancer, flu and venereal diseases.
Researchers from all over the world agree that the use and effects of infrared saunas are many times more beneficial than those of traditional saunas. The deep penetration of infrared energy enables the body cells to get rid of waste products to the deepest level.