Hot tub Basic 170


A hot tub is pure relaxation for the whole family. Wellness fun with family and friends. Total relaxation and optimal enjoyment in your free time.

Some features / possibilities:

  • Molded LDPE plastic inner shell in three colors:
    crystal white, granite black and gray-brown
  • Breathable thermowood wooden frame
  • 2 pcs stainless steel straps
  • Standard with internal wood stove, but an external stove is also possible
  • The stoves include a 2 meter chimney and a rain hat
  • The internal wood-burning stove includes a thermowood protective fence
  • Drain set

Compose your own product

LDPE plastic color

Granite white +
Granite anthracite +
Granite beige +


Internal wood burning stove (snorkel) 25 kW +
External wood burning stove 45 kW +

Extra options

Basic step thermowood +
Curved step thermowood +
Curved extra wide step thermowood +
LDPE plastic cover lid +
Insulated vinyl cover +
Insulated vinyl cover (for internal heater) +
Thermowood edge +
Thermowood shelf drink holder +
Thermowood paddle +


The Netherlands +
Belgium +
Europe (request price UK en CH) +
Global +


  • Price options: 0.00
  • Product price: 1,895.00
  • Total: 0.00


Your advantages of a LDPE plastic hot tub:

✔ Different models

✔ 3 Colors LDPE plastic

✔ Available with wooden edge or plastic edge

✔ Best seating comfort

✔ 1 piece LDPE molded interior

✔ No welds in the bath

✔ No sharp edges or edges

✔ No leakage possible

✔ No loose connections or edges.

✔ No osmosis of polyester or glass fiber

✔ Water-saving design

✔ Rapid heating of the water

✔ LDPE raw materials of the highest quality

✔ Safety comes first

✔ 100% reusable LDPE

✔ Custom designed and manufactured

✔ Authentic appearance

✔ Breathable wooden frame

✔ Long Lifespan

✔ Easy to maintain

Additional information

Number of persons

4-6 personen



Hot tub inside

170 cm

Hot tub outside

176 cm

Hot tub height

99 cm

Hot tub seat height

25 cm

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