Zechsal salt (magnesium chloride) 750 grams


Using a humidifier combined with Zechsal salt (magnesium chloride) is good for your airways and skin!

The beneficial effect of salt on the skin and respiratory tract has been known for millennia. Brine baths and the sea spray have been used successfully in many chronic illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma or hay fever. It can also be used for allergies, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cough, eczema, psoriasis, acne, runny noses and colds.

With a normal misting in the cabin (pouring on) it is about the evaporation of water. By using a humidifier combined with Zechsal salt you achieve that the salt particles are deeply inhaled into the lungs. The drops have a diameter of 1 to 10 microns.

Salts for healthy skin.

Skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne or psoriasis are also treated by dermatologists with salt because of their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory drugs).

In the relaxed atmosphere of a sauna or infrared cabin, the use of Zechsal products can support you.