Wood stove

You can choose from 2 versions:

Harvia M3

Power 15 kW
This is suitable for saunas from 6 to 13 m3.

Harvia Pro

Power 24.1 kW
This heater is suitable for saunas from 8 to 24 m3.
This sauna is BImSchV 1+2 certified for use in Germany and Austria.

Wood stove accessories:

Stainless steel chimney (double-walled):
A chimney is needed with the stove We offe the option of a stainless steel chimney (double-walled) with rear exit or with a pipe straight up from the sauna. It is up to you.

Chimney behind the exit
Chimney straight up

Oven protection:
There are several options to protect the sauna from the heat of the wood stove.

Complete protection

We recommend that you purchase a full oven protection with your stove for the Panorama sauna. This is related to the acrylic sheet (PMMA) near the wood stove. Bottom, sides and rear of the stove are protected. It looks beautiful from the outside of the sauna. After all, the rear of the stove is visible from the panorama glass. It is then no longer necessary to purchase a single tile or fire-resistant plate. This oven protection can be used with both the Harvia M3 and the Harvia Pro sauna woodburners.

Tile under stove

We recommend this for a better weight distribution of the stove and it also prevents heat radiation from the stove to the floor.

Fire resistant plate

We advise you to purchase a fire-resistant plate with the wood-burning stove. A fireproof plate must be attached to the rear of the wood-burning stove. This prevents heat radiation to the back of the sauna.

Sauna stones:
Both Harvia wood stoves must be provided with 40 kg of sauna stones. The sauna stones on a sauna heater retain the heat. By pouring water on the stones, the heat evaporates and a higher humidity is created. You can add an aroma to the bucket of water for a wonderful wellness experience.

Sauna stones 40kg