Yukon cedar (Canada)

Yukon, formerly Yukon Territory, territory of northwestern Canada, an area of rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is bounded by the Northwest Territories on the east, by British Columbia on the south, and by the US state of Alaska on the west, and it extends north above the Arctic Circle to the Beaufort Sea.

Wellness and Garden’s saunas and hot tubs are made of Yukon cedar from Canada as standard.

Yukon Cedar is Zirbe / Arve wood/ Swiss Pine, but from Canada.

It grows in high altitude cold regions with a short growing season.
It is an average durable type of wood and has a strong insulating effect. That also makes it a very suitable type of wood for saunas.

The wood absorbs little heat, which means that the room temperature rises quickly. The wood has a pleasant scent / aroma and is known for its calming properties, which means that it is often used in beds. Yukon cedar is also fungal and bactericidal. The wood is very light in weight and pale in color with a nice variety of smooth and firm knots. The wood should be treated when used outdoors. Weather and wind influences otherwise have too great an impact on the wood. We recommend treating the wood immediately and annually with boiled linseed oil, so that you can enjoy your wellness product optimally for a long time.